Make-Up Week Schedule

                                          9am-10:30am                               10:45am - 12:15pm                                12:30pm - 2:00pm

Room 547                     English 9                                         Algebra 1                                                  Foreign Language

Room 545                                                                                 Global 9                                                     Living Environment/Biotech

Room 552                     English 10/11                                 Geometry

Room 550                      Global 10                                                                                                               US History

Room 542                                                                                   Government                                            Chemistry

Room 546                      English 12                                        Algebra 2/Trig                                         Engineering/Physics

Upcoming Events

  • Lunar New Year

    Schools Closed
  • Mid Winter Recess

  • Students return to school

  • SLT Meeting

    School Leadership Team Meeting - consists of faculty, parents and students making school wide decisions.
    Room 106 - JREC 317 E. 67th Street
  • PTA Meeting

    Topic: Going Pro - Steps to become a Professional in your Art Major
    Room 100
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Vision Statement

To cultivate and nurture a community of

compassionate, college ready citizen

artists dedicated to lifelong learning and

creative collaboration.


Mission Statement

Empower our collective school community to achieve artistic and academic excellence through arts integration, while actively contributing to a creative and caring learning ensemble. A Citizen Artist graduating from Talent Unlimited High School is:

  • Artistically Proficient

             A skilled and knowledgeable practitioner of his/her artistic discipline.

  • Academically Proficient 

             A self-sufficient student who takes ownership of his/her education and demonstrates a continuous progression of learning.

  • Intellectually Engaged

             A critical thinker and creative problem solver who values the learning process.

  • Artistically Invested

            A patron of the arts with a Sophisticated appreciation of varied art forms.

  • Professionally & Personally Ambitious

            A goal setter who is conscious of the demands of life after high school, and prepares him/herself to meet them successfully.

  • Socially Aware and Responsible

             A conscientious, proactive citizen of the community scholastically and socially, on a local and global level.

  • A Caring Humanitarian

             A considerable individual who recognizes and respects the diversity of life experience within their community, and who is ready, willing and able to lend a helping hand.

Citizen Artist Of The Month

This Month's Citizen Artist is our Freshman Drama Major Meagan Reynoso. Meagan is a 98 average student with huge potential and a passion for helping others. Meagan is this year’s first Freshman Citizen Artist.  Meagan volunteers annually at the Little North Pole which is a Foundation for Juvenile Diabetes. She dresses as an elf and helps Santa on stage volunteering a total of 3 days.

She also is a Mentor after school for two students in the subject of Algebra. She volunteers one day a week to help students. Although Meagan is excelling in all of her classes, she maintains an average of 100% in Math class. She is also an active participant in class presenting multiple problems to her peers. She is respectable and friendly to all students and staff. We congratulate Meagan for leading by example and getting off to such a successful start to High School.

Meagan is a persistent, hardworking student who demonstrates compassion for her peers.  We want to showcase Meagan Reynoso for displaying what it truly means to be a Citizen Artist.          

January Citizen Artist


Talent Unlimited High School performed the opera “The Magic Flute” during our holiday shows this year. This opera was written in German, and was composed by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart in 1791. “The Magic Flute” takes place in Egypt and is about a prince who falls in love with a woman named Pamina, the daughter of the Queen of the Night. I found the story interesting because it was basically about how all the characters find it so difficult to find love. This is something that I suppose was true then and is still true today, making “The Magic Flute” very relatable to our audience. It is also really hard for me to balance school work with all the extra time I spend at school practicing for shows, but I deal with it. There were some parties after the last show on Saturday night but I did not attend because I work very hard to keep up my average, so I went home and got up early the next day to do all my homework. During the performances, the Queen of the Night’s solo received the most applause. She sang a very difficult aria and the crowd loved it. I got the most applause when I was being funny. At one point I got dragged off the stage because the King was punishing me for trying to steal Pamina. I also had a small dance number where I was placed under a spell, which made me do a funny dance with the chorus behind me. We had a choreographer, Emma Canalese, who helped make sure the dancing in the show was good. Dance lessons are part of the musical theater major’s requirements, and I have been taking dance lessons at Talent Unlimited since my freshman year. Although I have not done any tap dancing on stage yet, I do take tap dancing lessons twice a week as a gym class. I really like the fact that my high school offers this to students.I feel very lucky to have found my passion for the arts in high school, and I am so happy when I am involved in the production of any show. I love to do musicals and I now find that I really enjoy performing operas. I am fortunate to have been able to experience these two types of performances while in high school.

  • Marc Gross is 17 and a junior at Talented Unlimited High School majoring in voice. He plans to pursue a BFA in musical theatre and is considering a minor in classical voice. His favorite musical is “Cats.”
  • After the performance I got some really great compliments from lots of people—from my family, my friends, and most interestingly, from people I did not even know. They said I did a fantastic job and that I had a great voice. This made me feel great! Everyone in the cast was getting a lot of compliments and they all seemed really happy after each of the performances. We all had to work hard in this opera but, at the same time, found the experience rewarding.
  • I am currently a voice major but when I first entered this school I was a musical theater major. While in musical theater I was cast in “Little Women,” where I played two characters, Mr. Laurence and Rodigo. This is the second opera I was cast in, and I have a bigger part than I had in “Amahl and the Night Visitors,” so I was a little nervous at first because I had just moved into the voice department. We performed the opera in English, not in German, so learning the music was easy. The scene I was most nervous about was when I was alone with Pamina and I had to try and make her love me. The girl who played Pamina is my friend’s girlfriend in real life, and I just felt nervous doing this, especially since he was also in the opera!
  • I played Monostatos, the chief of the slaves, who is also looking for love and has his eye on Pamina. He is a mean villain who is also funny to watch in action. The hardest thing for me was relating to a villain who is funny at the same time, and the most challenging part of this performance was acting out this character’s emotions on stage. This is always hard for me when performing in any show, and my classmates in the show have expressed that this is a challenge for them as well.


  Our Entire Music Dept. has received recognition from the Grammy Foundation. Such an accolade for TUHS!! Awesome Compliment to the works from the Students at TU in Instrumental & Vocal and the great teachers Dr. Burwasser, Ms. Skoog & Mr. Smythe


- TU named in the Top 5% of all High Schools nationwide (according to US News & World Reports) 2013


-Top 10% of all High Schools in New York State 2013

(Only 2 NYC performing arts schools made the ranking in New York State) 


-“A” in School Progress Report & “Well Developed” (highest level possible) in Quality Review 2013 


- Only high school in NYC with an in-house, onsite Musical Theater program


-  The New York All-City HS Jazz Ensemble is directed by TU's very own Dr. Daniel Burwasser  


-Receives a grant from Tony Bennett's Exploring the Arts Foundation 2013 


- TU Vocal Concert Choir won a NYS School Music Association Gold with Distinction Award (highest level) 2015


- TU Vocal Concert Choir was featured on Fox 5 TV's Morning Show, performed at Grand Central's 100 Anniversary Celebration and is scheduled to perform at Carnegie Hall this spring 2012

- TU String Ensemble won a NYS School Music Association Gold Award 2015


- TU instrumental students groups performed at Gracie Mansion, at the NY Pops Annual Gala reception at the Plaza Hotel, Lehman College, Tweed Courthouse/DOE headquarters, MetLife,  Memorial Sloane Catering Cancer Center, and the Lincoln Center Plaza 2013




Congratulations to TU's Instrumental Concert Band who won a  New York State School Music Association  Gold Award!!!!

Congratulations to TU's Vocal Music Concert Choir who won New York State School Music Association Gold Award with Distinction!!!!!

Amazing for both!! Great Job!!!